Funded Research & Projects

I am an interdisciplinary academic working in the field of humanities and social science, who is interested in utilizing both qualitative and quantitative methods in my comparative research throughout the Middle East and Europe. During my fellowship I will work in the fields of (1) gender research across varying areas; (2) intersections of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, and nationality; (3) cultural analysis, (4) peace and conflict studies, and (5) human rights. 

The target groups for this research are (1) academics, (2) policymakers, (3) women’s rights activists, (4) the United Nations, (5) NGOs in the KRI, as well collaborating institutions in the UK, (6) media, (7) women’s rights activists, (8) practitioners, (9) civil society, (10) and the public.

Women and Gender in Kurdistan (KRI) and in the Diaspora - I will build upon the existing literature and fill the gaps I have identified in the body of work on the subject. To do this, I will uncover how Kurdish women are challenging existing gender norms and have catalyzed themselves as agents for change and vehicles to push toward gender equality and empowerment. Rather than viewing Kurdish women as exclusively ‘victims’, this research will also display the nuances of the subject, and ways that Kurdish women continue to valiantly preserve their agency and strive for reforms.

Accordingly, I will force vital links between daily life and collective action, while meditating on women’s existence, and writing on the intertwined communal complexities that characterize their lives in the KRI and diaspora. My contribution to the literature will be specifically using the issues of the social and cultural constructs of gender and women’s roles, the role of the patriarchy, honor-based violence, and FGM to unearth additional truths. This research will provide invaluable results, allowing me to give advice, and support the implementation of specific policies in the field of gender studies and peacebuilding.

Research & Projects

  • 2022-2024: Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellow 2021 – Horizon Europe – funded by UKRI.

  • 2022-: Migration and Displacement stream of the UKRI GCRF Hub – Gender, Justice, and Security Lead partner: London School of Economics (LSE) Centre for Women, Peace, and Security.

  • 2022-: Gender and Diversity Cluster (GDC), Middlesex University.